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Friday vibes are all about the boss babe vibes.

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Are you a boss babe creative entrepreneur interested in why it takes high vibes to build a website from scratch?  Look no further.  I have begun to build my own website and I share with you how it is going.  


I am tired and need an essential oil bath with epsom salts.

Doing my work at Haven Collective is a dream. The co-working space is helping me stay laser focused on getting this website up and running.

My Pink Moon Essential vibes= website is happening with the help of Marie Forleo and Haven Collective!

I have been at Haven Collective all day trying to set up my website on Word Press.  Even though Marie Forleo- a business guru- is walking me through the construction of the site, there are still a lot of technicalities to setting it up and I am not nearly close to being done.  But I am making some progress and I am proud of myself for taking action. 

Check out Haven Collective if you are are a boss babe.

If you are from Columbus, Ohio you probably have heard of Haven Collective- it is a co-working space that is owned and operated by two wonderful boss babes Danielle and Melissa.  They get stuff done!  And I get stuff done too when I am there.  I am not distracted by laundry or dirty dishes or dust balls roaming around my home.  Instead, I am laser focused on the job that needs to be done which is setting up this website.

Tired and hungry.

I am also tired and hungry.  My son and husband are outside digging for treasures in our backyard.  My goals for the weekend include cleaning up.   Our front and back yard area is quite messy.  We need to  get goodie bags together for my son’s birthday too.   Another priority is I must get my oil changed in my car and do as much yoga and running around Schiller Park as possible.  I am typing this and I am tired.  I am going to go eat some food, take an epsom salt/essential oil bath and call it a night.  What are you doing to start your weekend?  xo-Natalie

If you are building your own website, get help, seek clarity on what you want it to do for you, and take action!

Leave a comment below if you have built your own website or are thinking about building one.  Tell me what you think!  xo-Natalie


I own Pink Moon Essentials, a purpose-driven business with services that include intuitive aromatherapy energy sessions. I also focus on collaborations with creative kind-hearted natural healthcare practitioners where I help them integrate essential oils into their business model. People most thank me for my customer service because I value empathy, kindness, and connection. I am a voracious reader of self-development books and spirituality and am a proud feminist. I like traveling but I also equally like to stay home and hang out with my son and husband. If I could, I would probably do yoga everyday. I also love to go on hikes at Grange Audubon Metro Park near my home. I am pretty sure that horses and hawks are my spirit animals.

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