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Thanksgiving just happened, shouldn’t I be more grateful?

Thanksgiving just happened. I am tired, my kid is sick and I hear that darn voice in my head saying, “do more, Natalie!”. I really don’t like that voice.

So today instead of wallowing in my stuff, I went to a yoga class. I ran to @thespacecolumbus (which is runnable from my house) through the snow, and through the mud. It was hard to breathe because it was so cold outside- my nose was running and I was grumpy.

Then I arrived at the studio and Josie inspired the heck out of me by making me work, made me move my body in ways that I usually don’t and clear out the yucky stuff from my aura, my subtle body, my physical body and my emotional body. She helped me get grounded. So if you are in a funk today, go move your body, go dig in and do something outside even though it is super cold. Go say hi to the trees, go walk your dog, go do it.

Sending you so much love because I am with you sister.


I own Pink Moon Essentials, a purpose-driven business with services that include intuitive aromatherapy energy sessions. I also focus on collaborations with creative kind-hearted natural healthcare practitioners where I help them integrate essential oils into their business model. People most thank me for my customer service because I value empathy, kindness, and connection. I am a voracious reader of self-development books and spirituality and am a proud feminist. I like traveling but I also equally like to stay home and hang out with my son and husband. If I could, I would probably do yoga everyday. I also love to go on hikes at Grange Audubon Metro Park near my home. I am pretty sure that horses and hawks are my spirit animals.

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