3 Things You Need to Know about the Reiki Purification Process

After being attuned or initiated to Reiki energy, situations may seem more difficult than ever before.  Negative emotions often come to the surface.  Similarly, after you have had a reiki session, you will feel the detoxing of your body, mind and spirit.

Reiki may cause a purification process which means you might feel tired, drained and yucky feelings might come up.  To lessen these side effects try walking outside in nature, do yoga and take deep breaths.  Deeply held emotions may surface.  Emotions that may have been deeply buried come to the top of your mind to be dealt with, healed and finally let go of.  Reiki energy opens, cleanses and balances your chakras.  If you can, focus on the idea of experiencing these difficult emotions so they can dissolve.

Try placing one hand on your forehead and the other over your navel.  Breathe in and visualize white light coming into your crown chakra, circling through your body and collecting all the negative, difficult feelings and emotions.  Take a breath out forcefully through your mouth, make a “bah” sound and visualize the toxic energy coming out from your solar plexus chakra. Another suggestion is to try soaking in a warm bath of epsom salts, essential oils and baking soda.  Be kind to yourself.  Try not to blame yourself or judge yourself.  Remember that this is important work and keep doing it.

I own Pink Moon Essentials, a purpose-driven business with services that include intuitive aromatherapy energy sessions. I also focus on collaborations with creative kind-hearted natural healthcare practitioners where I help them integrate essential oils into their business model. People most thank me for my customer service because I value empathy, kindness, and connection. I am a voracious reader of self-development books and spirituality and am a proud feminist. I like traveling but I also equally like to stay home and hang out with my son and husband. If I could, I would probably do yoga everyday. I also love to go on hikes at Grange Audubon Metro Park near my home. I am pretty sure that horses and hawks are my spirit animals.

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sandra wise - October 19, 2018

You are empowered sweet Natalie. Love to you always, Mom

    Natalie - November 5, 2018

    Thanks, Mom!

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