Protect your energy with visualizations

Protecting your energy is super important for empaths

Visualizations are helpful tools in the world of energy.  Do you protect your energy?   

When you are in a room of people who do not “feel” good, are you weary?  Any empaths out there understand what I am saying?

If you are like me, you need to feel safe in a space with a lot of people.  Too many different personalities and “noise” can prevent you from  staying centered.  

When I don’t feel like the room has “good” energy I pay attention to my breath and take 3 cleansing breaths letting all that sh*%t go.  

When I am surrounded by overwhelm, I imagine a grounding chord that starts from the base of my spine and goes to the middle of the Earth.  This chord grounds me into the Earth so that I don’t get carried away by others’ energy and drama.  I am grounded, I am safe.

Imagine if you can, a golden light energy surrounding you and forming a protective barrier.  Assure yourself that life is “ok” right here, right now, in this moment.  How does that feel?

Have a strong energetic boundary with others is a form of self-care and  protecting yourself.  So remember, when you feel like others are “taking” your energy, stop and imagine a golden protective barrier of light around you, preventing anyone or thing from getting in.  


I own Pink Moon Essentials, a purpose-driven business with services that include intuitive aromatherapy energy sessions. I also focus on collaborations with creative kind-hearted natural healthcare practitioners where I help them integrate essential oils into their business model. People most thank me for my customer service because I value empathy, kindness, and connection. I am a voracious reader of self-development books and spirituality and am a proud feminist. I like traveling but I also equally like to stay home and hang out with my son and husband. If I could, I would probably do yoga everyday. I also love to go on hikes at Grange Audubon Metro Park near my home. I am pretty sure that horses and hawks are my spirit animals.

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