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Heart-centered Entrepreneurship Warms my heart

Boss babe vibes photo by Wellness Stock Shop

“A time for adventure.  Fuel for the soul.  The idea that new people, new experiences, new places make us stronger, happier.
A time for creativity.  The dedication to a craft, the moments where you lose yourself in the process of making something meaningful.
A time for optimism.  A wide-eyed sense of wonder, a belief that there’s good in the world, that we are inherently good, that we can make a difference.
A time for audacity.  The boldness it takes to move towards a change, to stand up for what’s right, to start at square one.
A time for love.  An affection and compassion for others and ourselves.  An understanding that underneath it all, we are one.”
I found this quote in a TOMS mailer that they sent to my home a few weeks ago and it really warmed my hear reading it.  I love a heart-centered company like TOMS and the way they market is spot on.  It feels good supporting a company that is doing good in the world, inspiring others and really speaks to me.
I attended a Youth Yoga Project fundraiser a couple of weekends ago that supported yoga in local schools around Columbus, Ohio, where I live.  The event featured Congressman Tim Ryan speak about his experience with meditation and mindfulness and how he supports yoga as a tool for kids who need to learn how to calm themselves and focus.  He also told us that micro-businesses are the thing of the future here in this country- niche businesses speaking specifically to their ideal customer.  I love that we are in a time where marketing entrepreneurship is shifting and changing to becoming more attainable for small heart-centered start ups.
My reiki and essential oil business is also shifting and changing as time goes on.  I am trying to find more of my voice and speak more specifically to my people.
I’d love to hear your thoughts about how you align yourself with brands that share your values and are doing good in the world.