Reiki.  Relax.  

Sacred Space.  

Calm mind.  Slow down.  

Connect with your inner landscape through reiki.  Rejuvenate and renew with a
reiki infused candle and a customized aromatherapy reiki session.  

Natalie Wise Muccio - Pink Moon Essentials

Hi, I’m Natalie.
I guide you through a reiki energy session that allows your body, mind and soul to refresh with intuitive aromatherapy.  I also hand pour reiki-infused candles for your space.

Reiki Services

 Reiki is hands-on meditation.  Relax.  Renew.  Reset.

30 minutes/$40 or 60 minutes/$70

Pink Moon Essentials Reiki Session

Blog Thoughts

"I Felt so amazing after the session, and since, I have recommended reiki with Natalie to my friends and family.  Natalie does a wonderful job and has great energy.  If you are looking for stress relief, refocus in your life, or a session to relax, go to Pink Moon Essentials with Natalie." -Bri Wykis, Columbus, Ohio

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