Just start. Take one step and then another and then one breath and then another. The little steps and breaths and moments lead to something. Just try but know that in the trying that it might work or it might not. The road to Pink Moon Candles hasn’t been easy or laid out for me. If I am truly living I am eventually going to fail, but then I get up again and again. I believe in human growth potential. I believe I can start over and rewrite my story. And wouldn’t you know it, I have. 💖-Natalie, Pink Moon Essentials

Natalie Wise Muccio - Pink Moon Essentials

Hi, I’m Natalie.
I guide you through a reiki energy session that allows your body, mind and soul to refresh with intuitive aromatherapy.

Reiki Service

In a relaxed environment, we will focus on calming your constantly running inner monologue and reset your body to homeostasis.

I will address your current health concerns and focus on where you are feeling physical, emotional, or mental stresses in your body.  I use aromatherapy in my practice and I will offer you your choice of essential oils during your session. Sessions can include acupressure, it is your decision.

30 minutes/$40 or 60 minutes/$70

Pink Moon Essentials Reiki Session

Blog Thoughts

"I Felt so amazing after the session, and since, I have recommended reiki with Natalie to my friends and family.  Natalie does a wonderful job and has great energy.  If you are looking for stress relief, refocus in your life, or a session to relax, go to Pink Moon Essentials with Natalie." -Bri Wykis, Columbus, Ohio

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